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Kind of Eggs Recipes

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Egg Dishes:

Eggs are not only the quickly cooked food, but one that gives a high amount of both protein and iron. In the recipes in this section you will find all the basic methods of cooking eggs, with interesting suggestions for serving these. Remember:

Boiled Eggs:

Allow three to four minutes for a soft boiled egg, up to 10 minutes for hard boiled eggs; crack the egg shells and plunge into cold water immediately after cooking, this prevents the dark line forming round the yolk.

Fried Eggs:

Have the fat sufficiently hot to set the egg, but not too hot, otherwise you have a brown skin at the base of the white.

Baked Eggs:

Set fairly quickly, so the egg does not become too hard.

Scrambled Eggs:

Do not cook too quickly or stir too vigorously as the eggs cook.


These vary in their fillings and there are a number of eggs recipes in this “Food” section. Always make sure the butter or oil is really hot before the eggs are poured into the pam. The technique of making soufflés and pancakes is given in this section with interesting flavorings.

Easy guide to egg and cheese dishes:

Home 'N Womoen recipes section will help you in selecting the right egg and cheese dish for the right occasion and time. In this section one will find “Short Time Recipes”, “Short Money Recipes”, “Special Recipes”, Snack or “Light Meal Recipes” and “Dieting Meal Recipes”.

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