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Avocado pears as hors doeuvre

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Avocado pears vinaigrette
Halve the pears, remove the stone in each, then fill the center of each halved pear with French dressing. If wished this dressing, also known as vinaigrette, can be given a sharper taste with extra vinegar or lemon juice.

Avocado pears with shellfish
Prepare the pears by halving them, then taking out the stones. Fill with shrimps, prawns or flaked crab meat or lobster blended either with mayonnaise with a little extra lemon juice added, or with the dressing used for Prawn cocktail. If preferred use just the French dressing with the fish.

Avocado pears with grapefruit
Pull skin away from the flesh of the pear, then cut this into neat slices, discarding the stone. Sprinkle with lemon juice or with French dressing. Arrange on a bed crisp lettuce with segments of fresh or well drained canned grapefruit. Top with mayonnaise.

Avocado pears indienne
Blend a little curry powder with mayonnaise; toss the shellfish in this before putting into centre of the pears. Serve with wedges of lemon.

Avocado pears and cheese
Crumble Danish blue cheese and blend with mayonnaise, fill the centers of the pears with this mixture.

: Avocado pears will discolor when cut unless sprinkled with lemon juice.

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