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How To Get Fit Pregnancy

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Every woman will want a proper development of her unborn baby as a pregnant mother. To stay fit and healthy and taking care of your healthy well is vital in pregnancy. Having a fit pregnancy is not hard to do, just use healthy diet and plenty of fresh mineral water during these days.

Skip Processed Foods and Sugar

Throughout the pregnancy a pregnant mother must stay away to processed foods and sugar to maintain her pregnancy healthy. Such foods contain unwanted and some dangerous trans-fats along with chemical which can leave side effects on you and your unborn baby health.

Pasta and bread, hotdogs, frozen pizza, frozen meals, instant rice, canned veggies, lunch meats and canned meat are the examples of processed foods. Foods as mention here are made by liquid vegetable oil along with hydrogen. This helps to change molecular structure of the oil into a solid form.

Trans-fats are really dangerous for your unborn baby can be found in fried and baked food. These fats help food to stop breaking and reheated constantly that’s why restaurants love to use these and they are also inexpensive. Moreover those chemicals which are being used in these foods are the property of the cancer causing and its manufacturers are well aware to this.

By replacing Pasta and bread, hotdogs, frozen pizza, frozen meals, instant rice, canned veggies, lunch meats and canned meat are the examples of processed foods to natural foods such as raw nuts, beans, fruits, lean meat, legumes, organic eggs, vegetables, seafood you can assure yourself that your fetus is developing very well and you will have a healthy cute baby.

Sugar can also create problems during your pregnancy, so it is vital to terminate sugar when you are pregnant. The reason to eliminate the sugar is to prevent to gain weight and gestational diabetes. During the pregnancy if you gain diabetes, it will be a very hard time for you during birth. However sugar is not this much bad before or after the pregnancy, but in pregnancy it can cause two kind of diabetes osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, also it can cause to weekend vision.

Use Plenty of Water

Water is also quite essential in the pregnancy it helps you to maintain sufficient amniotic liquid levels. If your fluid level is not adequate, it may leave side affect on your baby because due to your fluid levels your baby will rest against your uterus instead of floating. This can increase legs, feet and arm irregularity risk.

Dehydration also decreases blood volume and increases the level of oxytocin in the body. This can raise your risk of pre-term labor. Signs of dehydration include:

During the pregnancy dehydration is normal, so by maintaining an exact amount of water you can decrease the chance of lessening blood volume and increasing of oxytocin in the body. Dehydration may also increase the risk of pre-term labor. Here are some signs of dehydration:

Skin with no suppleness
Being dehydrated
Nausea and vomiting
Dry mouth and nose
Dark yellow urine
Chapped lips
Reduced need to urinate
Urine with a strong stink
Exercise Regularly
The safest exercises to do during pregnancy include stationary biking, elliptical machines, swimming, walking and low impact aerobics. To stay safe during your exercise sessions, follow these tips:

Daily routine exercise in pregnancy

A pregnant mother must have exercise on daily basis to reduce pregnancy stress, energize her and prepare her for childbirth. Exercises during pregnancy also helps woman to control weight gain and helps her in managing pregnancy discomforts.

There are a few exercises that a woman must do on daily basis. Exercises such as low impact aerobics, stationary biking, walking, elliptical machines and swimming are quite helpful. However by following these tips you will stay safe during exercises sessions:

Do not pull heavy weights
Maintain breaks in exercises session
Don’t hold your breath between exercises
Do not exercise in too hot or too cold place
Do not use waist-twisting movements
Do not wear uncomfortable shoes
Do not do such exercise in which you need to lie flat on your back
Use a plenty of water to avoid dehydration during exercises
Do not take part in contact sports

However before starting any exercise please confirm to your doctor before starting any program, your doctor knows well your pregnancy situation, because exercise is not suitable for such pregnant mother who has already preterm labor or miscarriages history, weak low placenta, or bleeding or weak cervix.

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